Our Services in a nutshell

We offer first class legal advice in the following fields :


Type of investment funds advice
  • Creation and set-up of funds structures and sub-funds

  • Obtention of authorisations, clearance, visas, labels, … from public bodies

  • Cross-border distribution aspects (registration, distribution agreements, …)

  • Changes of funds and sub-funds features

  • Merger of  sub-funds  and  funds 

  • Liquidation of funds and sub-funds

  • Re-domiciliation of funds

  • Governance

  • Board meetings

  • Review and negotiation of service providers' agreements

  • Due diligence on investment targets

  • Re-organisation of funds and sub-funds

  • Cross-border operations

  • Dispute resolution and related investigations

Type of investment funds

Undertakings for collective investment in transferable securities : UCITS (Part I funds - SICAV or FCP form) - Public funds - Mutual funds

Undertakings for collective investment : UCI (Part II funds - SICAV or FCP form)

Investment funds qualifying as 'Alternative investment funds'  (AIF) and investment funds non qualifying as AIFs (non AIF) - Private funds :    

  • Regulated alternative investment funds : specialised investment funds (SIF), risk-capital funds (SICAR)

  • Semi-regulated alternative investment funds : reserved alternative investment funds (RAIF)

  • Non regulated alternative investment funds (SOPARFI  or non SOPARFI form) : SASàRLSCSpSCASCS

Type of investment strategies and labels
  • Liquid and illiquid funds

  • Open ended and close ended funds

  • Index tracking funds

  • Exchange traded funds (ETF)

  • Money market funds (MMF)

  • Hedge funds

  • Private equity / Venture capital funds (PE/RE)

  • Real estate investment trusts (REIT)

  • European labels like : ELTIF, EuVECA, EuSEF funds

  • Microfinance funds

  • Environment, Social and Governance funds (ESG)

  • Ethical, Sustainable funds 

  • IP and royalties funds

  • Loan funds

  • Exotic assets funds like art, wine, luxury, football, timber, carbon, ...

Type of regulatory advice
  • Creation, set-up of financial entities

  • Obtention of authorisations from public bodies

  • Changes in the organisation of financial entities

  • Liquidation of financial entities

  • Re-domiciliation of financial entities

  • Governance, board meetings

  • Procedures and internal policies

  • Remuneration policies

  • Voting rights policies

  • Data sharing 

  • Benchmark regulation

  • Fight against money laundering and terrorism financing (AML & KYC) 

  • Mergers & Acquisitions

  • Cross-border operations

  • PRIPPs

  • MiFID

  • EMIR

Type of financial entities
  • Management  companies for UCITS ('Chapter 15')

  • Alternative investment fund management companies (AIFM)

  • 'Super' management companies

  • Other type of management companies ('Chapter 16', 'Chapter 18')

  • Funds managers / advisers

  • Funds distributors

  • Investment managers / advisers

  • Funds depositaries

  • Funds administrators (central administration and transfer agent)

  • MiFID firms

  • Brokers

  • Payment institutions and electronic money institutions

  • Credit institutions

  • Professionals of the financial sector

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